Saturday, June 6, 2009

What's His Motherfucking Name? Jigga!

He faded to Black. He took over Def Jam. Now, he is back doing something no one else in the rap game has been able to do. Some tried to avoid it, other's gave in to it, and many careers, as of late, have been built on it. Auto-Tune is the name and making you sound like you can sing is it's game. Now, for the R&B cats like Teddy Riley and the "Computer Love" generation, all the way up to T-Pain, it's expected. Plus, those cats have the ability and talent for singing without using Auto-Tune. For the modern day rappers, which I use the word rapper lightly, because there really aren't that many of them nowadays, it has gotten out of hand.

I have to say, even Lil Wayne has put too much of his breath through that little tube that tunes your voice perfectly. However, Lil Wayne also proved himself as one of the illest rappers alive with The Carter III, before experimenting with Auto-Tune. He gets a pass.

Jay-Z is back with The Blue Print 3. His new single is titled "Death of Auto-Tune" a.k.a. DOA. I have faith, that he can be "that dude", who can breathe life back into rhyming and make rappers stop singing into that tiny tube. Usually, when Hov speaks the masses follow. So Hov Roc on!

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